Preparing Your Shipment

Before contacting the various moving companies you are considering for hire, it is recommended that you evaluate the worth of your belongings. Some people decide to relocate all of their belongings, while others prefer to move only some essentials and buy new furniture when in Canada. Such decisions are also related to the customs clearance process and whether or not duties will be applied. In order to decide whether or not it is worth your while to move all of your belonging to Canada, make sure you know if you will be charged duty fees in addition to the fees you will need to pay for moving them. Below are a few other ways that you can prepare your shipment.

How to Determine the Worth of Your Items

As stated before it is highly important to determine the worth of your belongings before you contact any shipping companies. This way you can know what you are shipping for sure, which will allow you to give a more detailed summary of your move to your representative; therefore you will receive a more accurate moving quote. But first you have to figure out if everything is worth the shipping price or better left behind.

You can do this by calculating how much it would take to ship; your EZ Canada Moving representative can help you determine this. If the shipping price is more than what the object is worth, then it is best if you let it go. You can always repurchase items when in Canada to save on moving costs. Unless of course the item is sentimental; in this case it would be worth every penny to ship. Go through your belongings to see what is worth the trouble shipping to Canada.

Packing Your Shipment for Customs Clearance

During an international shipment it is very important to make sure your items are up to par with Canadian custom rules and regulations. If not your belongings may not be allowed entry into Canada, and you will either have to dispose of certain items, pay a fine and or penalty. So it is always best to properly pack your belongings according to customs.

In order to do this you should get your hands on a complete list of prohibited, restricted, and forbidden items. This will allow you to remove any belongings from your shipment that may lead to delay in delivery. You can also ask your professional EZ Canada Moving representative for help. They should be able to provide you with answers as to what you can and cannot ship to Canada. EZ Canada Moving representatives are here to help make your moving experience as enjoyable as possible. If you come across any questions or concerns during your move give us a call and we will gladly provide you with answers.