Preparing for Your Move

There are various types of preparation processes that you will need to conduct in order to complete a successful move to Canada. The preparations will have a lot to do with the size of your shipment, decisions you will make about packing, and your immigration status. EZ Canada Moving will provide you with all the Canada Moving Information you need to have a successful and stress-free move.

Shipping Load

The size of your shipping load will ultimately determine the price you pay your moving company. Typically shipping companies calculate costs either by weight or volume; EZ Canada Moving charges by volume, which is a cheaper alternative to charging by weight. From this you may be able to tell the amount of items you have will play a large role in final costs. If you are moving to Canada it is recommended to only take essentials.

You can do this through evaluating the worth of your items. It may be cheaper for you to sell and repurchase bulky furniture once you have reached your destination; this is especially true if your move to Canada is considered an international move. Lightening your load is the best way to lower moving costs and to better ensure an easier customs process.

Packing for the Move

Moving to a new country can be nerve-wracking; and depending on how well you packed will determine if your belongings will even be allowed entry. Shipping personal belongings into Canada will require a customs clearance, and in order to pass you will need to know what items not to pack. EZ Canada Moving will provide you with a list of prohibited, restricted, and forbidden items so that you can properly pack your shipment.

All you have to do is make sure not to pack anything that may delay the entry of your belongings. If you are in doubt about an item call up your EZ Canada Moving representative for clarification. The last thing you would want to happen is for your shipment not to clear, leaving you without furniture, clothing, and personal items.

Immigration Information

If you are relocating to Canada from another country you will need to apply for a specific residency card that pertains to the type of citizenship you want or need. It is required that anyone staying in Canada for a period longer than a few months obtains a residency card. Applying for Canadian citizenship can be a long grueling process, which is why it is recommended that you complete and send in your paper work well in advance of your expected move in date. This will ensure that you will be allowed to stay in the country for a lengthier period of time.

There are different categories of which you can apply for residency under. Some include the following: skilled workers and professionals, Quebec-selected skilled workers, Canadian experience class, investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed people, provincial nominees, or sponsoring your family. You will need to determine which of these categories you fall under and complete and file the appropriate paper work.

Applying for residency and or citizenship in another country is something you should not take lightly. There is always a risk of you not qualifying for residency so please make sure to create a backup plan if necessary.

EZ Canada Moving hopes that this information will help you in your relocation to Canada.