Making Decisions About Packing

The next thing to determine is whether or not you would like to self pack or have the mover pack for you. For larger sized shipments, full packing may be an expensive service that will increase the moving price. On the other hand, self packing may be time consuming and is not recommended for international shipping. Some movers will offer you to combine self packing when it is done with their guidance and supervision. EZ Canada Moving will help you decide which packing method is best for you and your moving needs.

Self Packing Information

When moving, you have the option of self packing all of your belongings. This means that your EZ Canada movers will not aid in the process of packing up your home. This duty will fall entirely upon you and your family. Although this option may save you in labor costs, it is important to remember to properly pack your belongings for shipment.

Knowing how to pack is especially important regarding international shipments. Your EZ Canada movers are highly trained in packing for international moves in order to clear customs; you may not be familiar with these rules and regulations, so be aware when choosing this option. This doesn’t mean you can’t handle packing yourself; anyone can properly pack when they are well prepared and informed. Just keep customs in mind when packing so there is no delay in your shipment to Canada. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding packing, please do not hesitate to contact your EZ Canada Moving representative for help.

Full Service Packing Information

With this option your EZ Canada movers will pack up all or most of your personal belongings. You will not have to worry about packing a majority of your belongings because this will be taken care of by your movers. This is the best option for those performing an international move. You will have professionally trained moving men, who are familiar with Canadian customs regulations, to efficiently pack your items.

There is an art to packing, and EZ Canada’s moving staff is highly skilled in this field. All boxes will be perfectly packed, wrapped, and sealed for optimum security during their travels to Canada. Yes full service packing costs a bit more then self packing, but your money will be well spent. What better way to handle an international move then to hire skilled professionals to handle your packing to ensure the on time delivery of your goods.

Combination of Full and Self Packing

It may please you to know that you can utilize a combination packing method that incorporates both self packing and professional packing services. This service is typically known as a partial move; in where you can pack what you want, and direct your movers to only pack specific belongings. The cost of this service is less than full service packing, but slightly more than self packing. This option is great for those who don’t know how to pack certain items, or just need some extra help. EZ Canada Moving is here to make your move pleasant, let us know how we can help you.