Canada Customs Information

There is much that you need to know about moving to Canada and about Canadian customs, even before you begin the process of selecting your moving company. Conducting careful research, taking the time to fill out all the relevant forms required by Canadian customs authorities and preparing detailed descriptive inventories will assist you in having an easier move and an easier customs clearance process.

Customs Clearance

Because moving to Canada is a door to door process which is done by trucks, many people fail to realize that they will need to be involved and to be present at the customs clearance process when the shipment arrives to Canada. Unless you have a diplomat status, customs clearance cannot be done without your presence.

Returning Canadian Citizens

If you are returning Canadians that spent at least one year in the US you will be able to bring back all of your personal effects, including a vehicle, a boat and even an airplane duty free. However, there is a $10,000 valuation limit per item, including vehicles. All items must be acquired and used at least six months before arrival, unless the returning citizen stayed more than five years and six months away from Canada.

Prohibited Items

It is important to fully understand what items are prohibited by Canadian customs authorities or require a special license. Prohibited items include guns and other firearms and ammunition, fireworks and explosives, any goods made from endangered species and live plants and obscene materials.

Immigrating to Canada

Any person legally immigrating to Canada and intending to reside there for a period of more than twelve months can import personal and household effects that are owned by him and used in his former county of residence duty free. Professional movers will be able to offer you all the necessary forms and assist you in preparing inventories for the customs clearance process.