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Ezcanadamoving was created by industry veterans that have all the necessary information about moving to Canada – a unique type of international relocation. The companies that you will be referred to here were hand picked by our knowledgeable staff and the articles were written by experts in the field of international relocation. was also created in order to provide an environment in which customers and movers can communicate and learn from each other. It is a project that is continuously growing.. By providing us with feedback and information about your own moving experiences, you will help in further developing this unique type of relocation.

The Unique Requirements of Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada is a unique specialty that only a few select companies have fully mastered. It’s different from long distance moves within the US and from other international moves that are done by boat. One can almost say that Canada moving combines elements both from long distance and international moving practices. Unlike other international moves, most relocations to Canada are done by truck and not by boat. That being said, customers still need to go through all the customs procedures and in some cases inspections, same as with any other international move. This means that moving to Canada has its own unique requirements and careful research and preparation is needed.

How We Calculate Your Shipping Rate

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Canada Customs Information

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